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We set up our company, Kajári és Fia Packaging Material Producing Ltd. in October 1991 to process polypropylene film. This was triggered by the recognition that polypropylene film is a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing packaging material with excellent aroma sealing properties.

By now, packaging materials should be eye-catching and are expected to have promotional value, so packaging material producers should meet these requirements, too.

The key to success and marketability regarding some products is their appearance, so we do our best to make it possible that our clients will meet these requirements. One of our definitive goals is to provide a full service package that will improve our clients’ time and cost efficiency.

We are creating new packaging material designs day by day to help our clients enter the market, and then position and sell their products.


Due to expanding the product range of our foil suppliers, now we have the possibility to produce bio-degradable packaging materials.


The type, size and graphic design of our packaging products is always customized according to Customer needs and product specifications.

Side Sealed and Back Side Sealed Bags

Side sealed bags can be provided with bottom folding, while back side sealed bags can be provided with a side fold which helps in storing the packaged products in standing position.

Area of Application: can be used for a wide variety of products, such as: bakery goods, pasta, confectionary products, sweets, spices, fruit and vegetables and textile goods (bedsheets, clothes, home textiles).

Hanging bags

With a reinforced top part and a Euro slot or a round slot which make it possible to store or provide hung products. Bags are sealed in the bottom with an adhesive strip, or our Customers can seal them after packaging.

Area of Application: For the packaging of stationery products, electric goods, fishing equipment, pearls and other hobby products or any hanging goods.

Wicket Bags

Wicket bags for the use of our Customers with semi-automatic or automatic packaging machines to carry out automatized packaging in industrial environments. In bulk, with perforated design, with bottom folding if needed.

Area of Application: pre-packed bread, vegetables, fruit, frozen products

Packaging Foils for Machine Use

Flat film for the use of our Customers with packaging machines, with its width and diameter customized to the specifications of the machine used. Available features:

  • one or more layers (laminated packaging material)
  • micro-perforated (breathable packaging material)
  • printed (with photo quality printing in up to 8 colours)

Available from the Warehouse

We keep permanent stock of products based on the recurring needs of past years. We can provide our Customers with smaller amounts of products from this stock, without prior order.

Common Area of Application: paprika, bread, cakes, Christmas and Easter bags. For specific products and sizes see our WEBSHOP.


Thanks to improvements made in the past decades, we are also able to produce multi-layered (aroma-, gas-, vacuum-tight) as well as micro-perforated (breathable) packaging products.

We have two plants. In our printing plant, we operate two printing presses, two slitter/laminator machines and a slitter/perforator machine. In our confectioning plant, we produce bags with the help of 2 folding machines, 2 back side sealers and 6 confectioning machines.

Storing and processing of raw materials and any auxiliary materials used during production is carried out in compliance with all the relevant rules and regulations. Our plant has been compliant with the standard ISO 9001:2008 since 2002; and we have also been compliant with the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system since 2011. Our finished products are compliant with food processing industry standards, and the compliance is documented with the appropriate certifications.


We are able to carry out printing press work using the flexo printing technology, and we can print in up to 8 colours. With the help of our technology, another 4 direct colours can be printed alongside the 4 colours, so we can meet even the highest quality expectations.


By producing multi-layered packaging products, we can add new features to the products by mixing two favourable attributes (such as aroma and light sealing) of the different materials.


For products needing air as well as hygiene, we can produce perforated packaging materials. Perforation can be applied on the whole surface or in streaks.


The size of the films is always customized to the needs set by the customer and the product to be packed. This is carried out with our two slitting machines.


Producing bags with side sealing or back side sealing and a Euro slot top part design, together with mouth folding and applying an adhesive strip, as well as bulk producing of wicket bags.


Distributing Activities

As distributors of Taghleef Industries Ltd., we provide our Customers with the full range of Taghleef Industries products.

Graphic Design

We can help you with graphic design and creating printing plates. We are also in a close relationship with several innovative graphics studios, so we can liberate you from the burden associated with creating graphic design and a printing plate.

Product Tax Takeover

We can make an arrangement with our Customer to take over the Environmental Product Tax and the reporting requirements attached to it.


With the technology of product manufacturing constantly improving, our partners purchase more and more modern packaging machines, so we provide professional help concerning all packaging-related issues focusing on new challenges and tasks. We often examine the machines on site.

Free Delivery

If you reach the minimum quantity required, delivery to Hungarian addresses is free of charge as part of a scheduled delivery.

Product Exchange, Money Back Guarantee

Should there be a quality issue – without any misuse of the product – with the packaging materials bought from us due to a technology problem, we will compensate you by either re-manufacturing the product, or giving your money back, according to your choice.


Kajári és Fia Csomagolóanyag Gyártó Kft.

Postal Address: 6230 Soltvadkert, Pf.:37., Hungary
VAT Number: 13938558-2-03
FELIR ID: AA3451597
Central Phone/Fax Number: 06-78/481-194
Central E-mail Address: kajarikft@kajarikft.hu
According to prior arrangement via phone. Phone Number: 06-70/930-4362 (Péter Bánkúty)

If you have a specific question please contact our colleagues, providing them with your personal contact details.

Business and Financial Matters

Ferenc Kajári
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Managing Director
Eszter Balogh
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Business Consultant, Tender Specialist


László Péli
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Sales Manager, MIR-KIR Representative
Róbert Kohlmann
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Sales Representative, Soltvadkert Office
Péter Bánkúty
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Sales Representative, Budapest
Dávid Pataky
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Sales Representative, Soltvadkert Office
Bernadett Patocskai
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Asistent comercial

Production, Commitment to Deadlines

Tamás Varnyú
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Facilities Manager

Invoicing, Warehousing

Márta Bodó
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Economic Administrator
Virág Kajári
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Warehouse Administrator
Dávid Kajári
+36 30 938 5821
Warehouse Worker

Bank Maintaining Our Accounts: MKB Bank

Our Bank Accounts:

HUF: 10101164-13782800-01003003

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Széchenyi 2020

Modernization of Bag Production at Kajári és Fia Packaging Material Producing Ltd.

Kajári és Fia Packaging Material Producing Ltd. received HUF 22.70 million in the form of a non-refundable grant as part of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (Gazdaságfejlesztési és Innovációs Operatív Program – GINOP) under the ID GINOP-1.2.1.-14-2014-00755. The title of the application for grant was ’Modernizing Bag Production’. The grant was awarded to carry out the improvement of production technologies regarding food product packaging materials. With the help of this grant, we purchased a Hemingston HM-800 W+CK wicket bag making machine and a forklift with 1500 kg load capacity.

End of Implementation: 24 August 2016.

Development of Lamination Technologies at Kajári és Fia Packaging Material Producing Ltd.

The project with the ID ’GINOP-1.2.3-8-3-4-16-2017-00956’ focuses mainly on improvements regarding food packaging materials. It was made possible with the help of almost 30% support from the European Union and the Hungarian State, together with a preferential loan provided by the Hungarian Development Bank.

Implementation Date: 8 November 2017 – 30 September 2018.

Háthegesztett fóliatasak gyártástechnológia fejlesztése a Kajári és Fia Csomagolóanyag Gyártó Kft.-nél

A GINOP-1.2.8-20-2020-02815 kódszámú projekt keretében olyan háthegesztett, euro-lyukkal ellátott, ezáltal felakasztható tasakok előállítását céloztuk meg, amely segítségével partnereink termékei előnyösebb pozíciót élvezhetnek a boltok kínálópolcain.

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